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    We utilize technology to tailor a system based on your practice that captures your time and provides statements for when and how you wish to send a statement to your client. Contact Law Statements: Legal Services Billing today to take control of your billing.

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Why Should You Hire Law Statements - Legal Services Billing?

When you hire Law Statements, Legal Services Billing, there are many benefits and services we offer that will impact your practice.  Here is how Law Statements got started.  

When I first began working in a law office, I worked for a practitioner that had been working in the corporate world and decided to start his practice up again.   There were no established procedures or software for billing. 

And while he worked diligently every day, at the end of the day, when I saw the notebook he was keeping track of his time in, I thought "the practice will never make it" because there were very few entries in that notebook and they were not complete.  They didn't have the time started, or finished.  There was a very brief sentence about the work performed, even though I knew he was spending a lot more time and effort on that particular client or project than the one sentence time entry.  And I could sense the feeling of frustration of working hard every day but not having the time reconciliation to translate that work into an accurate statement for the client. 

I realized as office staff that I was going to have to come up with a methodology to "capture time" and that is how Law Statements started.  

There has been a great technological evolution since I started, and in Law Statements I utilize technology to tailor a system based on your practice that captures your time and provides statements for when and how you wish to send a statement to your client.   

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Serving attorneys in northern Colorado and southeastern Wyoming, we can help you take back control of your practice and billing.

  • Use your current software (CLIO), MyCase, Smokeball or Law Statements Time Capture, Legal Tracker
  • Integration of current case law and state fee board requirements 
  • Use of business management best practices 
  • Incorporation of your engagement letter into tailored billing 
  • Billing at various times during the month or as required for the case 
  • Utilization of LawPay and other internet connected payment methods 

Reasons to outsource your billing: 

1.  Increase in income 

2.  Maximize productivity 

3.  No complicated software 

4.  Time saved 

5.  Time your staff saves 

6.  No delays due to employee turnover, vacations, trials or sick days 

7.  More time for billable tasks 

8.  We use our office space, equipment, furniture, transportation and supplies 

9.  Bills go out on time 

10.  Monthly flat fee 

11.  Bill lay out is simple and professional 

12.  Reduction in employee cost 

Law Statements: Legal Services Billing Is Here for You

Let us help you take back your billing and get you back to doing what you love.

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